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Iceland: My 10 favorite places to photograph along the ringroad.

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

#10: The US navy DC3 plane wreck at Solheimasandur beach.

Sunrise over the wreck of the DC3 at Solheimasandur beach.

It has become one of the most popular and visited spots in Iceland. Although it is not a "natural" site like waterfalls, mountains, or seaside ...

I was not very hot to go there because every time we passed the car park, there were more than 100 vehicles !

And I did not want to be in the middle of hundreds of people to do my pictures.

The purpose of the trip was to show the natural beauty of the country and its preserved environment, it was not too much to lose half a day, to find myself unable to achieve a "clean" image and fly my drone, which is impossible above people's heads.

Despite the 8km round trip, the plane wreck has become a must-see attraction

for most visitors.

The wreckage seen from the sky with my drone.

I knew it was a selfie spot !

If there are so many visitors, it's mainly because everyone wants to bring a selfie from the place, to share it on their social networks. Why not ! And everyone to compete with each other to bring back the most original self-portrait. You can do research, there is practically only that kind of pictures around.

What no one realizes is that by climbing on the top or crawling in the cabin, this repeated gesture thousands of times a day, every day of the year, will inexorably lead to the disappearance of the remains of the plane which crashed in November 1973.

Have a look at my first episode dedicated to this place on my youtube channel.

So why put this place in my 10 favorite photo spots ?

Towards the end of our 5 week stay in the fall of 2018, having spent the night in our campervan near Skogafoss, we tried it very early. We thought that if there were more than 10 cars in the parking lot, we would not go for the reasons explained above.

Luckily, there was only one vehicule.

We had to wake up at 5 am, when most of the tourists are still sleeping. It was dark night, the sun did not rise until 7 am.

We started our 45 minutes walk with the light of our headlamps. The path is well signposted and it is always straight.

A few years ago, you could get to the plane by car, but the explosion of tourism, and the sometimes irresponsible behavior of some, led the authorities to shut down access to vehicles.

When we arrived we were only 3 photographers and no one was there to spoil the photos of each other.

The sky started to blush and we were ready for a beautifull sunrise !

Drone shot just before sunrise.

I must admit that the place was looking pretty cool when you have the chance to have it for you alone (or almost) and that the weather is favorable to you.

Getting there far enough in advance allowed me to work accurately and quickly when the sun rose.

The sun finally rises behind the wreck of the DC3.

The sky is not extraordinary (few clouds to take the colors of the rising sun), I tried to partially hide the sun, diaphragmed at f:16, to create a star burst that is a phenomenon that is created with optical diffraction with these settings.

Suddenly the sky was darkened. This sudden change is a common thing in Iceland. The big black clouds and the rain lit by the last rays of the morning sun, created a magnificent rainbow, for a very short time ...

Find out my videos that I share on Youtube.

My best pictures are already visible in my portfolio.

But others will be published here or on my Instagram, the Facebook page dedicated to this project, or on 500pix.

In a short time, the images of my portfolio will be available in art prints made by a specialized craftsman. The preparation and the production of this site, the youtube channel, the realization and the treatment of my images (more than 12 000 files), requested a lot of time and energy, but it is with passion and the strength of my child's dreams remained intact, that I embarked on this new adventure, with the help of my family.

Your feedback, via comments, will be most appreciated. I hope that sharing will please you and awaken in you your child's soul, to dream on and on. To dream big!

Dream Big !

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