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Child's Dream

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Never stop dreaming to build your life.

When I was a kid, I had a dream ! Become a photographer, make a living from it and travel the world.

Today, in the run-up to the the end of my career, as a globetrotting reporter, I have a new dream !

Through my travels and my passion for photography remained intact - I would even say it found a second wind - I want to inspire my fellow awareness and change their behaviour for the preservation of our planet and its resources, essential to the the survival of all humanity.

Nature don't need humans to survive,

but humans, to survive, have an unconditional obligation to preserve it.

All human activities in recent decades have accelerated the destruction of our environment. How will we feed our children, when we can no longer plant the exhausted soil by poisons and over-culture that we have imposed on it ?

How will we breathe when the oxygen will be lacking ?

How will we resist, when the oceans are so warm, that the polar ice will all have melted, leading the disapearance of most of the marine ecosystem, and weather consequences (tsunami, hurricanes, disruption of the seasons, rising waters, ...) which will result in a even more violent way ?

Phenomena whose effects are already beginning to be observed lately.

They are there, it's no longer fiction !

All of our activity takes us right into the wall. Straight ahead ! Very fast !

We organize our own collective suicide. Our own extinction !

So, what we do ?

Do we want to take part of it ?

Do we remain passive ?

Après moi le déluge ? (*It wont be my problem anymore)

Or, do we want to react, as long as we still have a chance to get out the business ?

Yes, but how to do it ?

Should we wait for our political class to take care of it ?

What can we do, all alone ?

In this blog, I will try to submit my analysis and my projects, my initiatives and my hopes.

Because even if the horizon seems very dark, there are solutions. Partly, already in use, but the largest number of us, ignores the existence and its positive spans.

I'M just a random citizen, not a political activist !

Throught my professional experience, my travels, and, with the time, reflection, I have seen a number of realities that many people ignore, for so many different reasons.

I also want to share my passion for travel, off the beaten paths, because I prefer a more personal approach to travel rather then a mass tourism.

In my travel, which I regularly share with my wife and daughters, I rather seek isolated locations (deserts, mountains, forests, ...) because these places connect me directly with the feeling of being alive, of being part of my environment, of Nature !

To group tours that frequent al the most "touristic" places, I prefer to rent a 4WD, explore the tracks, hike the trails, get up when everyone is still sleeping.

It's this moment of harmony, of wholeness, of absolute where I am alone with my Earth, which I seek.

We will see, in future articles, more details of what drives me and how I choose my destinations It takes a bit of preparation and time, but it's so worth it !

And what's about photography ?

It's the main vector that allows me to convey my emotions, my feelings and my connection with the world around us. It's the best way to share and inspire others to go further in their approach to travel, the environment, or just the -sometimes very cruel - world, in which we live.

I spent more than 35 years to postpone (litterarly) and feed newspapers, magazines, news websites. In a few years, I will retire from this job and devote myself entirely to travel, to the transmission of my knowledge related to the the preservation of nature and colective awakening.

I will always use photography, but also through this blog or videos that I will share on Youtube.

To start, I suggest to discover Iceland, one of the last places still relativly preserved from the human destruction, in which I spent 5 weeks last autumn with my wife, in total autonomy. My best pictures are already visible in my portfolio, but others will be publishd here or my Instagram account, the Facebook page dedicated to this project, or on 500pix.

In a short time, the images of my portfolio will be available in art prints made by a specialized craftsman. The preparation and production of this site, the Youtube channel, the shooting and the post processing of my images (more than 12 000 files), took me a lot of time and efforts, but it is with passion and stregth from my child's dreams , that I embark on this new adventure. Your feedback, via comments, will be highly appreciated. I hope that sharing will please you and awaken in you, your own child's soul, to dream again and again! To dream big !

Dream Big !

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