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12-17 August 2024 (6 days – 5 nights)



The Highlands are only accessible few weeks (july-september) every year. No regular car is able to explore the rugged tracks, or glacier rivers crossing.​

Therefor, only few people can explore this preserved and wild piece of nature.​

In this exclusive photography workshop, we will discover some of the most out-of-this-world landscapes. Get prepared to live something you will never forget !​



As soon as we leave the paved road, we will enter to a movie set like Lord of the Rings.​

From the colorful ryolite mountains of Landmannalaugar to the romantic valley of tears Sigöldugljufur,  passing by a canyon inhabited by the trolls called Eldgja, the misterious green Maelifell mountain located in the middle of a black sand desert, and finally Thorsmork, the valley of Thor.​

Along our itinerary, we will also stop at some secret places, where we will be totally alone.​

The schedule and location may vary during the tour depending on weather conditions. Your two experienced tour guides will do everything to get you to the right place, at the right time, so you can get the best possible photos.​

Your safety and satisfaction are our main concerns.​


Day 1

Early pickup in Reykjavik from a location of your choice (hotel or airport). We will head with our 4WD vehicules to Haifoss, one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfall, before shooting sunset at Sigöldugljúfur canyon.


A fascinating small canyon deep in the Icelandic highlands. It is quite exceptional with its many small waterfalls, blue river, and colorful vegetation.


Day 2

We will spend the whole day in Landmannalaugar, the rainbow mountains, where we will have short hikes to explore mountains, lava fields, lakes and craters.

An amazing hot spring will help you to recover from your efforts.

The nights are shorter in summer, so depending on the weather, we will have to get up early for a short hike and explore another amazing view point for the sunset. After that first morning shot we will have a well deserved breakfast and the possibility to finish our night. Earplugs and eyemask highly recommended !


Day 3

In the morning, after a short drive, we will discover Eldgja canyon where we may encounter some trolls. The hike is pretty flat to reach an amazing waterfall deep in the canyon.

We will then drive through the black sand desert to photograph the flashy green Maelifell mountain, before our sunset spot in Hvangil, where we will rest for the night.

Day 4

Our morning will be spend in the Alftavatn lake area, where one of my favorite mountain is located.​

Then it will be time to take the road to Thorsmork. Along our way, there will be plenty of opportunities to stop and take pictures.​

To reach Thorsmork, there will be a lot of river crossings.​

Before enjoying a night at the hut, we can hike up the close by mountain to photograph the sunset over the river system twisting in the valley underneath.


Day 5

For sunrise we can hike to our sunset location or depending of our fitness take a longer hike. There are always some incredible weather conditions in that area. All 4 seasons can be experienced within few minutes…​

On our way back, we will stop at Seljalandsfoss where it is possible to photograph the sun setting behind the waterfall.​

We will then enjoy a good dinner at a guesthouse in Hella, to celebrate the end of our tour.

Day 6

After a night in real beds, and a good breakfast, we will drive back to Reykjavik.




Photographing the remote beauty of the highlands can be overwhelming, there is just so many incredible sceneries around you. We will learn to make choices, focus on a subject, and use the light to compose our images.


As this tour is a 6 max participants, we will have plenty of time for 1 to 1 teaching, about composition, foreground interest, focus stacking, time blending, exploring your creativity, …

I will also share my scouting techniques, and how to adapt depending on weather conditions, which is a major skill to improve and such remote areas.

How I plan, well ahead my photo trips, and which apps I use for weather and light.


Required skill levels

Base triangle for photography (ISO, shutter speed, aperture). Eyes and mind open.​

Average physical shape. No hikes over 2 hours, but some steep parts, and be prepared to face some bad weather, as this happens almost every day in Iceland, even in summer.​

If we have good light conditions, we will try to take advantage of that, and stay late for sunsets and wake up early for sunrises. We then adapt and rest during day time.

The language of the workshop is English but on 1-to-1 can be French, Italian, German or Icelandic
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